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Why You Should Order Fabric Samples

You can buy oval tablecloths in any size in all of the fabrics below.

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Oval Tablecloths

Bright Settings Oval Tablecloths Are Shaped like Racetracks or Capsules

The actual shape of our oval tablecloths requires some clarification—they’re shaped like racetracks (or capsules). They are straight on the sides and rounded at the ends. If you added leaves to the center of a round table, it would push half circles out to each end. That’s what our oval tablecloths look like (see image on the left below).

egg shaped or racetrack oval tablecloths

We can provide you with an egg shape tablecloth (image on the right above). But you can’t order it from this website. You have to call us so we can talk you through how to create a template of your table to send to us.

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