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Fabric Samples

Product: Fabric Samples
Fabric: Gabrielle

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We offer 6"x6" sample swatches of Gabrielle. The fabric samples are free of charge, all you have to do is pay $1.95 for shipping and handling. Samples are limited to 25 per order. They are shipped through regular mail, so depending on your location, you should receive your samples within 2-5 business days. Each sample swatch comes with a label on the top side of the fabric. The label includes the fabric name, color, contents, and our business information for your convenience. For more info, watch the "Bright Settings Fabric Sample Program" video. To order samples, go under the Samples tab and check the box in front of the ones you want. Then add them to your cart.
50% Polyester/50% Cotton, Wash Cool/Dry Low
If your tablecloth is wider than 70", there will be seams.
table linens

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[+]Gabrielle - WhiteWhite
[+]Gabrielle - IvoryIvory
[+]Gabrielle - CappuccinoCappuccino
[+]Gabrielle - ByzantineByzantine
[+]Gabrielle - WisteriaWisteria
[+]Gabrielle - SageSage
[+]Gabrielle - SpruceSpruce
[+]Gabrielle - NavyNavy
[+]Gabrielle - RedRed
[+]Gabrielle - CinnabarCinnabar
[+]Gabrielle - MerlotMerlot
[+]Gabrielle - EggplantEggplant
[+]Gabrielle - ChocolateChocolate
[+]Gabrielle - CharcoalCharcoal
[+]Gabrielle - BlackBlack
[+]Gabrielle - Fennel IvoryFennel Ivory
[+]Gabrielle - Linen IvoryLinen Ivory
[+]Gabrielle - Byzantine IvoryByzantine Ivory
[+]Gabrielle - Mauve IvoryMauve Ivory
[+]Gabrielle - Periwinkle IvoryPeriwinkle Ivory
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