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Why You Should Order Fabric Samples

You can buy fitted tablecloths in all of the fabrics below.

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What are Fitted Tablecloths?

They are often called fitted table covers or fitted table drapes. Whatever you decide to call them, you can picture them in your mind as a tablecloth that fits over your table like an upside down box. They are made to the size of your tabletop with 4 side panels that “drape” down to the floor. They can be made with inverted box pleats on the corners which provide access to underneath the table for storing things. Fitted tablecloths are popular because they are one piece of fabric which does away with the need for 1) a tablecloth, 2) a table skirt, and 3) skirting clips.

How to Measure for Fitted Tablecloths

Measure the width, length, and height of your table. Once you have these dimensions, just list them.

Example: Table size 18"W x 60"L, and the height of the table is 30"

fitted tablecloths

Size = 18"W X 60"L X 30"H
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