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aluminum picnic tables feature image

Picnic season is finally here! Do you own a decent picnic table or is yours battered and broken? I've had several aluminum picnic tables for 10 years and they are as good as new. That's because aluminum is the perfect material for outdoor picnic tables. It's lightweight, but rugged, and it never rusts!  It won't dent,... More


No matter how nicely you decorate for a party, all your hard work will be for naught if there's no tidy way to dispose of the trash. Nothing spoils a stylish gathering faster than an objectionable trash bag in the midst of all your lovely decor. Luckily, Bright Settings has all your event planning concerns covered. Not only do we carry... More


You know us best as your table linen source. But did you know that Bright Settings also has many different kinds of Banquet Folding Tables? As a matter of fact, we carry twelve different kinds! They're a perfect solution for banquet halls and cafeterias as well as home use. What's more, we offer banquet tables made with different materials, so... More


I'm excited to tell you about our aluminum stages and risers. They are of such high quality that they're backed by a lifetime warranty, and guaranteed to never rust, warp, crack, or chip! That makes them a wise investment that will last through decades of music concerts, school plays, choir practices or any other performances your talented entertainers may give. Compared to wood, plastic, or other materials,... More


Not long ago, I saw a gorgeous folding chair on Pinterest that had been reupholstered using a quilt block. Although there were no instructions, I decided to have a go at covering a folding chair myself. I already had a few folding chairs sitting around the office. That's because at Bright Settings, we don't just sell table linen, we also... More

8 Beautiful Burlap Decor Projects

Decorating with burlap is the perfect way to add a touch of natural texture and color to a home! It's inexpensive price point and simple patterned weave makes this fabric a go-to material for diy decorators everywhere! Here are 8  Burlap Decor Projects to be inspired by: This Burlap and Tin Can Vase Garland from Fox Hollow... More

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Table Padding


At Bright Settings, we sell two types of table padding to go underneath your tablecloth. You can browse the available options by clicking "Table Padding" under "Other" on the "Table Linen Sales" menu. We do not rent table padding. 1. Table Pad Table Pad is a 100% polyester fabric that looks and feels like a sturdy... More

Order a tablecloth with an umbrella hole in any fabric

Yes, we can! Generally, most of our customers choose to have umbrella holes put in their vinyl tablecloths, but we can put an umbrella hole in any tablecloth (vinyl is just the most popular outdoor tablecloth option.) To order a vinyl tablecloth with an umbrella hole, simply go to the vinyl product page you're interested... More

Table Talk from chef and restaurateur Michael Symon

Even famous food lovers recognize that what's around your dinner table is just as important, if not more important, than what's on the dinner table. Share your favorite dinner table memory in the comments.

Bows, Self-Tie Sashes, and Bagel chair accessories available from Bright Settings

Along with various styles of chair covers, we also sell and rent chair accessories. Our chair accessories include bows with elastic bands, self-tie sashes and what we call bagels. You can find the fabric options available for chair accessories by scrolling over the "Chair Covers" option on the "Table Linen Sales" menu ("Chair Accessories" is... More

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