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Table Settings & Tablescapes

Floating Candles Feature

I love everything about decorating with floating candles. First of all, the flicker of the fire as it reflects on the water can be spellbinding. Secondly, they can be coordinated with just about any motif because there are so many different items that can be put into the glass vases. And finally, they're quick, affordable, and very easy to make. The... More

Kids' Party Napkin Folding Ideas Feature

Planning a party for a little boy or girl? No matter what theme you choose to decorate around, I bet you can find a cute napkin fold or napkin ring that will fit the decor. Here are eleven unique kids' party napkin folding ideas that any kid would love. Is your son a Star Wars... More

Silverware Displays Feature

Silverware Displays


If you're throwing a party or having a picnic, take a minute to present your silverware so that it becomes part of the table decor. Here are a thirteen different ways to display your silverware that are not only functional, but attractive. I love it when silverware is rolled up in a napkin for easy pick-up when going... More

Folded Napkins in Glasses Feature Image

Folded napkins add a touch of class to any tablescape. When those folded napkins are displayed in wine glasses or water goblets, the wow factor increases exponentially. Here are a dozen ideas for folded napkins in glasses that I've rounded up just for you. Modish Space shows how quick and easy it is to make this Flower... More

Striped Tablecloths


Striped tablecloths are hot! They're bright and bold and make a huge impact in very short order. Whether you're planning a classic black and white wedding or a plucky pirate-themed birthday party, striped tablecloths make decorating a cinch. Black and white stripes can be combined with any color. Like gold, for example. That's what DFW... More


Whether you're planning a formal wedding, an Oscar party, or a simple Father's Day buffet, tuxedo inspired table decor could be just the ticket. The classic black and white color combo looks spectacular on a buffet table and can be accented with a splash of any bright color. Here is a roundup of tuxedo table ideas and DIYs... More

Rope Napkin Rings Feature

Rope Napkin Rings


Planning a nautical-themed event? Napkin rings featuring knots made of rope are the perfect touch. Rope napkin rings also look great with burlap and linen. Rope is very inexpensive and comes in all sorts of colors and sizes. Here are ten tutorials to make napkin rings out of rope. Jasmine from the Merry Brides will show you how to... More

Feature Image — Woven Ribbon Table Runners

Ribbon Table Runners


Ribbon. Don't you just love it? I like to decorate tables with ribbon by loosely weaving them into table runners. There is a ribbon factory near where I live in northwest PA that my crafty friends and I love to visit. They have a bin of ribbon overruns that you're allowed to root through. You can... More

Ribbon Napkin Rings Feature

Ribbon Napkin Rings


Ribbons are so gorgeous these days. They come in all styles and colors . . . and they're inexpensive. What could be better to decorate with? Here are a dozen ways to use ribbons as napkin rings that are "fit to be tied." Andrea from the Opulent Cottage wrapped a vintage napkin with this simple red gingham ribbon. So... More

Napkin Rings from Nature Feature

You don't have to spend a fortune to have lovely napkin rings from Mother Nature. With a few basic materials you can make napkin rings out of cinnamon, grapevine, grasses, sprigs of rosemary, thyme, lavender, pine, or many other herbs and natural elements. Add twine and raffia for an organic, understated twist on your napkin rings. They'll add a natural... More

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