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The Standing Rosebud Napkin Fold is perfect for when you want your folded napkins to stand up at each place setting. What's more, you can put all sorts of different decorative elements inside making this versatile napkin fold good for all seasons! It can also hold treats for your guest, so it doubles as a... More

bread basket napkin fold tutorial

I love everything about damask fabrics - especially the fact that they're reversible. Bright Settings' Kaleidoscope Damask table linen fabric is no exception. These gorgeous tablecloths come in nine vibrant colors featuring a modern spiral dot pattern. And because it's reversible, it's the perfect choice for an easy Bread Basket Napkin Fold. Damask (pronounced with the emphasis on... More

napkin folding videos feature image

Here at Bright Settings, we love napkins. We sell them, we rent them, we launder them, and, best of all, we fold them! As a matter of fact, we even videotaped two-dozen napkin folds we love most and included several different tutorial formats for each one of them. If you've ever searched for table decorating ideas on Pinterest, you've... More


Eat, drink, and be Irish! And do it in style starting with a specially decorated Saint Patrick's Day table. I've rounded up some interesting Saint Patrick's Day table decorating ideas for your perusal. Some tablescapes are traditional, others are modern, and a few are especially for kids. I'm planning on incorporating ideas from each of them for my... More

decorative silverware displays feature image

Decorative Silverware Displays


Don't hide your silverware away in its storage box or in a buffet drawer. Get it out and show it off! Whether you have mismatched silver cutlery or grandma's complete set of silver, learn how to display your silverware as a functional piece of art. Here are a dozen decorative silverware displays that will motivate you to get... More

Winter Party Tablecloth Ideas Feature

Planning a winter party? Well, let it snow! Snow makes a great decorating motif because it combines pure colors with glamorous metallics. Decorating options can vary from the traditional to the contemporary. To decorate a spectacular winter party table, first choose a silver, white, or blue tablecloth then add sparkles, sequins, and glitter of all kinds. Here are several gorgeous winter party tables covered with sparky... More

Modern Thanksgiving Tablescapes Feature

Are you growing a bit tired of traditional rustic decor on your Thanksgiving table? Why not try a modern approach? Instead of relying on customary autumn colors, try a fresh, new, edgy palette. Include a liberal dose of metallics. Mix natural elements with lustrous decor items. Use monochromatic color schemes for a polished look. Layer with a profusion of unexpected, eclectic... More

cutlery jars feature image

Cutlery Jars


Jars make perfect holders for cutlery and napkins. And no matter what kind of party you're planning, putting together individual cutlery and napkin bundles ahead of time makes entertaining easier when it comes time to serve the meal. When you put the flatware and napkin in a jar, your guests will also have a glass for their beverage. Here are some... More

Kraft Paper Table Covering Ideas

I used to think that kraft paper was spelled with a "c" as in craft paper. I didn't realize that "kraft" refers to a paper-making process that turns wood pulp into a strong, tear resistant  paper. You can write on it, paint on it, or draw on it with any number of implements including magic markers, chalk, watercolors, acrylic... More

Labor Day Tables


Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September in the U.S.A. It's a holiday designed to honor American workers and the contributions they've made to the country. For most of us though, it's the unofficial end of the summer holidays. Many of us spend most of the 3-day weekend getting the kids ready for the first day of school.... More

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