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Table Linen Hacks

16 DIY Table Playhouses


Do you remember throwing sheets and blankets over the kitchen table to make a playhouse when you were a kid? I loved pretending it was a fort, a tent, a school room, or just a hide-out from my 6 big brothers. Today I've rounded up 16 tutorials for making table playhouses that are sure to inspire your kids' imaginations.... More


I love patio tables with umbrellas. They make outdoor dining comfortable when the sun is bearing down on the patio. The only problem with umbrella tables is that you can't just buy a regular tablecloth off the shelf. You have to either buy a specialty tablecloth that has an umbrella hole already built in or you have to... More

9 bunny folds feature image

9 Bunny Napkin Folds


Here comes Peter Cottontail . . . hopping right onto your Easter table. Here are nine bunny folds for napkins, hankies and washcloths that will delight kids and adults alike. They're quick, easy and well-worth the little extra effort needed to make your Easter holiday even more special. This bunny is "cute as a button." Stephanie from... More


Here are 5 Valentine's Day napkin folds just in time for next weekend. There are two dozen Napkin Fold Video Tutorials with step-by-step, written instructions on our website. I selected five that will look great on your Valentine's Day table. First, the classic Heart napkin fold. Just 4 quick steps and you're done already. It couldn't be easier. It only takes about... More

Napkin Hacks -- 8 ideas for napkins that you don't believe! Pillows, totes, skirts, curtains, and more!

A few weeks ago we posted a collection of placemat hacks and thought we would share some ideas for napkin hacks as well. You can make everything from pillows to totes to skirts and more all out of fabric napkins. Get your napkins ordered in your favorite patterns from Bright Settings for any of the... More

stenciled napkins

Using fabric paint to make your own DIY stenciled napkins is an easy way to add a personal touch to your entertaining. You can make these as gifts or favors for guests or easily personalize your own table linens for daily or special occasion use. Supplies: Linen Napkins (I used Cottonique Fabric Napkins) Premade Stencil... More

10 Placemat Hacks -- Turn a common place mat into a variety of fun craft projects with these ideas!

10 Placemat Hacks


Did you know that you can use placemats for so much more than just the dinner table? These ten placemat hacks will get your creative juices flowing and have you picking up every gorgeous placemat you see in the store and online. You can make a simple pillow from a placemat in just a few... More


This year for Halloween, my daughter decided she wanted to be the pretzel to her best friend's M&M. So I started with an old Basic Polyester Chocolate 72x120 tablecloth that our Rental department was going to throw away. Cut two strips of the chocolate fabric, 12" wide and kept the 120" length Using Heat N... More

Jellyfish Halloween Costume


I wanted to share another one of my daughter's repurposed table linen Halloween costumes. (Check out the peace sign Halloween costume, just in case you missed it earlier this week!) In 2009, I made a jellyfish costume for my daughter. All of the kids in her class were watching the show SpongeBob SquarePants, and everyone... More


One of the best parts about Halloween is dressing up in costume and trick-or-treating. For the past couple of years, I've used some of our table linens to make my daughter's Halloween costume. In 2010, my daughter dressed up as a peace sign. Peace signs were EVERY 10 Year old's obsession!  From peace sign pillows, pencils,... More

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