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Liquid Repellent Tablecloths feature image

Liquid Repellent Tablecloths


Liquid Repellent Tablecloths are the perfect choice for dinner tables where sloppy meals are served to messy kids. They're also great for rowdy parties and busy restaurants. That's because liquids bead up on this resilient fabric and can be wiped away easily. Now you can have - and keep - beautiful tablecloths even if you have... More


Checkmate is a very versatile vinyl tablecloth from Bright Settings. This durable table covering features cloverleaf checks in five different colors . If you're looking for a great, all-around tablecloth for indoors or out, this tablecloth has it all! Checkmate adds a little twist to the perpetually popular check pattern - a sweet cloverleaf in the... More

Excelsior Tablecloths featured image

Excelsior is a word often used to indicate superior quality. Excelsior Tablecloths are no exception. Bright Settings' newest damask tablecloth is superior in both looks and substance. Damask is a reversible print most often made with two different colors of thread. Depending on the side of the fabric, either a positive or a negative impression... More

Vinyl tablecloths featured image

Bright Settings’ new vinyl tablecloths are as lovely as they are practical. Elegant Fern, Manchester Rose, and Savoy Garden are the newest additions to our growing family of vinyl tablecloths. When it comes to vinyl, Bright Settings carries 4 different vinyl gauges. 13-gauge is the heaviest (and most expensive) and is recommended for high-traffic settings... More

swirling snowflakes tablecloth

Swirling Snowflakes Tablecloth


Our Swirling Snowflakes tablecloth is the perfect backdrop for any holiday gathering. And unlike Christmas fabric, Swirling Snowflakes can stay on your table throughout the winter months - not just December. Set your table with this seasonal print right after Thanksgiving and you won't have to put it away until March! The Swirling Snowflakes tablecloth features white... More

Santa Christmas Tablecloth

Christmas Tablecloths


Are you making a list and checking it twice? I hope that Christmas tablecloths are on the top of that list! Absolutely nothing kickstarts your holiday decorating like setting the dining room table with a brand new Christmas tablecloth! It makes a huge impact in a matter of seconds. The only hard part is deciding which Christmas tablecloth to use!... More

Thanksgiving tablecloths feature

Thanksgiving Tablecloths


No meal deserves its own special tablecloth more than Thanksgiving dinner. After all, it's the one American holiday that specifically celebrates food! Luckily, Bright Settings has lots of autumn tablecloths that would be perfect for your dining room table the whole month of November. Let's take a look at our Thanksgiving Tablecloths Collection! First up, Autumn... More

spandex tablecloth feature

Spandex Tablecloths


Spandex Tablecloths are the best invention since sliced bread. I'm totally serious. We got twenty of them twelve years ago to cover our folding tables under our pavilion. I'm still using them several times a year (and I'm still getting compliments on them!) They are the most convenient, versatile tablecloths I've ever owned. Here's why: First of all,... More

twill feature image

Twill Tablecloths


Twill Tablecloths from Bright Settings are the perfect blend of beauty and durability. And with 20 colors to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect shade to complement any decor. As you can see in this closeup of the color Seamist, the twill fabric features parallel ribbed lines giving it a lovely texture that drapes beautifully.... More

Organza tablecloths feature

Organza Tablecloths


Want to add a touch of elegance to your tables? Start with fabulous organza tablecloths. These sheer, translucent fabrics will make your tables pop! Bright Settings offers two kinds of organza . . . Sparkle Organza and Shimmer Organza. Both of these vibrant table coverings come in a multitude of colors in virtually any size. Organza is a sheer fabric... More

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