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Melissa Riker

Melissa Riker

Melissa is an Army wife, stay-at-home mom of three young boys, and design enthusiast. Never one to sit still, Melissa loves to repurpose discarded trash into home décor treasure, create easy and delicious recipes, and crafts for all skill levels. You can keep up with her creative endeavors on her blog The Happier Homemaker.

leftover halloween candy

After the trick or treating is over and bellies are full of sweet treats you can use that leftover candy in many different ways! From recipes to decorations, here are 5 uses for leftover Halloween candy that will make the most of your stash! Freeze It Save your leftover Halloween candy for later! Freeze your... More

holiday planning checklist

Holiday Planning Checklist

ahead you can stay relaxed and enjoy the season rather than ending the year exhausted! Here is a step by step holiday planning checklist to help keep your season merry! Create lists to help you organize the tasks to come. Use a Printable Gift Planner to plan and budget for your holiday shopping. Create a... More

As the days get shorter and the temperatures fall, the cravings for comfort food start to rise! Today we're sharing a home-style beef stew recipe that's not only delicious, but an easy to make slow cooker recipe that is perfect for entertaining. Simply find a few minutes in the morning to gather and prepare your... More

costume party ideas

5 Themed Costume Party Ideas

There's no better time of year than Halloween to host a costume party! Rather than a run of the mill costume party why not add a theme for guests to follow? Here are five fun themed costume party ideas to make your next shindig a little more fun! Flashback Fun Pick your favorite decade from... More

using pumpkins in tablescapes

Decorating for autumn is one of the highlights of my year. I eagerly wait in anticipation for the pumpkins to start arriving at my local grocery stores and farmers' markets. I won't lie—one year I actually ordered a box of them from across the country so I could get a jump on my holiday decorating!... More

apple crisp recipe

Easy Apple Crisp Recipe

There aren't many recipes that say "fall" like apple crisp! Some of my favorite childhood memories are trips to the orchards to pick up fresh apples and the amazing smell of apple crisp in the oven that would fill the house later in the day. While there are many versions of this classic autumn recipe... More

Football Friendly Appetizers

Football Friendly Appetizers

Football season is in full swing once again and we're back with lots of fantastic recipe ideas. The ideal football friendly appetizer is one that can be eaten without taking your eyes off the screen so you don’t miss that perfect catch or unexpected interception. It's comfort food that fills your belly and warms your... More

autumn wheat centerpiece feature image

If ever a season inspires us to incorporate natural elements into our decor, it's autumn. With the changing leaves and elements of harvest, fall is full of inspiration for getting creative in your home decor. While the use of wheat in fall decor is nothing new, it's surging in popularity this year! This easy to... More

fall wedding trends feature image

Fall Wedding Trends

While summer may be the peak of wedding season, autumn weddings follow closely behind. The changing leaves and cooler temperatures inspire some gorgeous ideas and today we're sharing the most popular current fall wedding trends as well as some autumn wedding ideas that promise to grow in popularity in the future. Rustic Rustic weddings have... More

build a burger

One of my very favorite meals to serve at a casual get together are burgers, but serving them can be a bit of a logistical mess. Putting together a build a burger dinner is an easy way to allow guests to serve themselves easily and customize their meal! Prepare Ahead of Time Make a list... More

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