Aluminum Choral Risers

Lead time: 4-6 Weeks
  • Will support 250 lbs per square foot
  • Feature optional platform surfaces, leg heights, storage carts, railings, stairs, and ADA-compliant ramps
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty Guarantee - will never rust, warp, crack or chip
  • Carpet wear surface is 100% high UV Olefin or Stamina by Grassmore, all-weather unitary backing, Class "A" fire rating
  • Velcro skirting easily attaches to a recessed strip; 3/4" protected black Velcro is provided on the full perimeter of stage
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
We recommend that you order ganging clamps when you order choir risers. The clamps will hold the top riser to the lower riser to prevent tipping. You will need one clamp for each one foot length of the legs at each end of the platform.

Rise to the occasion with some top aluminum choral risers from Bright Settings™ Furniture. Perfect for school music concerts, plays and other performances, these choral risers will provide the perfect combination of durability and flexibility that you've been looking for in this type of equipment.

Let your performers do what their best at while these choral risers provide a steady foundation to succeed on stage and under the bright lights. With the ability to hold 250 pounds per square foot, there is no need to worry about your performer's safety when standing on these choral risers. And what's even better, these choral risers offer easy transportability. Instead of needing a herd of people to set up and move around, these portable choral risers can be easily transported by just a few workers.

Now don't forget about the flexibility of these choral risers, which can be adjusted to the needs of their users. With optional platform surfaces, leg heights and many more cool features, you're not just stuck to one setting with these choral risers. Instead, you can make adjustments to these choral risers as fit to the specific needs and purposes of your users.

Purchasing these choral risers will not only pay off in the here and now but also the future. By making this wise investment, you will receive choral risers that come with a Lifetime Warranty Guarantee. Even better, these choral risers will never rust, crack or chip. Imagine how much money you will save in time by taking care of your choral risers. With proper storage and maintenance, your choral risers could be "rising to the occasion" for your school plays, seasonal shows and other activities for years to come.

Are your old risers past the point of no return? Isn't it time to invest in some new choral risers? While your old risers have probably done an admirable job, why not rise to a whole new level with these available aluminum units?

Order choral risers from our Web page with or without your credit card information or fax, email or mail a Manual Order Form to us. You may also place an order by calling 800-233-3360. Whatever you decide, you'll be pleased by the outstanding quality of these aluminum choral risers and our incredible levels of customer service.

Compared to choral risers made out of plastic and other materials, Al-u-lite™ Choral Risers are lighter, stronger and more durable. These are the most durable choral risers you can buy. Consider:
  • Al-u-lite™ Choral Risers can hold an amazing 250 pounds per square foot for maximum load capacity
  • Not only are Al-u-lite™ Choral Risers durable, they're also lightweight and can easily be set up and stored by a minimum number of workers
  • Al-u-lite™ Choral Risers feature optional platform surfaces, leg heights, railings, chair stops, with a variety of sizes and heights to fit your needs
  • Al-u-lite™ Choral Risers are backed by a Lifetime Warranty Guarantee! Our choral risers will never rust, warp, crack or chip. Invest in these choral risers and eliminate costly replacement purchases for years to come
Deck Surfaces
  • Feature heat-treated aluminum extrusions with choice of baked on powder coating in textured black non-skid finish or midnight black carpet
  • Each section has integral rib-type reinforcement for maximum strength. Each rib is 1-1/2" deep; total surface is 3" deep
  • Velcro™ skirting easily attaches to a recessed strip. The 3/4" protected black Velcro™ perimeter of choral riser for optional skirting
  • Carpet wear surface is 100% high UV Olefin or Stamina by Grassmore, all-weather unitary backing, Class "A" fire rating
  • Extruded aluminum (welded construction) cross member assemblies are bolted to the stage deck with 8", 16", 24" and 32" deck height leg inserts of 1.90" OD extruded aluminum pipe
  • Inserts lock in place with a positive hand-tightened knob
  • Legs are capped at bottom with a plastic plug insert
Al-u-lite™ Stage Carpet Warranties
"Stamina Grassmore" Indoor-outdoor carpet warranties:
  • 100% High UV Olefin, Class "A" Fire Rating
  • 4-year Indoor Limited Fade Guarantee
  • 4-year Outdoor Limited Fade Guarantee
  • 4-year Indoor Limited Wear Guarantee
  • 4-year Outdoor Limited Wear Guarantee
  • All-weather Unitary Backing
  • Stain Free / E-Z Care
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Quantity Discount Pricing
    Weight  1-4 5-9 10+ 
ModelDescription(lbs)Each: Each: Each: 
Standard Non-Skid (Legs Sold Separately)
SALS1848N   18"W x 48"L*   28   $277.00   $267.00   $257.00  Please Call for larger quantity discounts
SALS1872N   18"W x 72"L**   37   $375.00   $362.00   $349.00 
SALS1896N   18"W x 96"L**   49   $422.00   $407.00   $392.00 
SALS3648N   36"W x 48"L*   47   $393.00   $379.00   $366.00 
SALS3672N   36"W x 72"L**   61   $527.00   $508.00   $490.00 
SALS3696N   36"W x 96"L**   82   $582.00   $561.00   $541.00 
Standard Carpeted (Legs Sold Separately)
SALS1848C   18"W x 48"L*   33   $277.00   $267.00   $257.00 
SALS1872C   18"W x 72"L**   42   $375.00   $362.00   $349.00 
SALS1896C   18"W x 96"L**   54   $422.00   $407.00   $392.00 
SALS3648C   36"W x 48"L*   55   $393.00   $379.00   $366.00 
SALS3672C   36"W x 72"L**   69   $527.00   $508.00   $490.00 
SALS3696C   36"W x 96"L**   90   $582.00   $561.00   $541.00 
SALSQINSERT8-4   8" (Set of 4)   4   $64.00   $62.00   $60.00 
SALSQINSERT16-4   16" (Set of 4)   8   $82.00   $79.00   $76.00 
SALSQINSERT24-4   24" (Set of 4)   12   $99.00   $96.00   $92.00 
SALSQINSERT32-4   32" (Set of 4)   16   $118.00   $114.00   $110.00 
SALSQINSERT8-6   8" (Set of 6)   6   $90.00   $87.00   $84.00 
SALSQINSERT16-6   16" (Set of 6)   12   $118.00   $114.00   $110.00 
SALSQINSERT24-6   24" (Set of 6)   18   $147.00   $141.00   $137.00 
SALSQINSERT32-6   32" (Set of 6)   24   $175.00   $169.00   $163.00 
*Requires 4 Legs; **Requires 6 Legs

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