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Are you searching for innovative ways to create a proper table setting? Let us help you design a lovely table place setting for an upcoming event.

We've taken some of our frequently asked questions and developed these useful tools to help you make the most of your table linens, tableware, tables, and chairs. We've also included a tool from our friends at Social Tables™ to help you with seating arrangements at your event.

Setting the Table

Set the Table

This easy to use "checklist" allows you select which tableware you're using for your meal and shows you its proper placement-- with only the tableware you're actually using on your table.
Chair and Table Seating

Table Setup

Not sure how to set up your tables and chairs to make the most of your space? This table setup guide includes seating capacities for popular tables, general guidelines for table and chair spacing and more.
Napkin Folding

Napkin Folding

Impress your guests with fancy napkin folds. Our napkin folding tool has step-by-step instructions for a variety of different folds, including pictures and videos to make the process easy.
Tablecloth Size Calculator

Tablecloth Calculator

Use this handy app to help you find the exact size tablecloth you need.
Social Tables

Social Tables

Social Tables is a guest management tool that makes creating seating charts collaborative, fun and social.
This section of our web site was created to help pass this information on to you. We will be updating it regularly to give you fresh ideas of how to design tables, so check back, or send us suggestions for what you'd like to see here.

We hope this guide will help you with your catering needs. From plate settings to napkins, flatware placement and more, Bright Settings™ provides you with the inspiration you need to create a captivating catering environment and transform from just space to someplace.
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